Road Trip Post-COVID – 6 Things You Cannot Avoid

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6 Things You Must Know About Road Trips Post Covid
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The ways in which the onset of Covid 19 has changed our lives are known to all. With the world moving towards the new normal, everything has taken a different turn including an old school road trip. Travelling has drastically transformed in the past one and a half years. However, we can now see some of the best road trips in India taking a different shape in the post-pandemic world. If you are planning a road trip post covid, here are the 6 essentials things you must know!

6. Local over International

Delhi to Leh Bike Trip
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Travelling after a world pandemic needs some baby steps, to begin with. For your initial road trip after covid, you must choose a local destination instead of an international vacation spot. 

  • Visiting local areas will involve lesser formalities of health certificates and checkups.
  • You get to visit the unexplored gems of your country.
  • It quenches your wanderlust without exposing to you a greater virus risk as well as without costing you a fortune.

Top Locations for the Best Road Trips In India 

5. Safety First

Keep The Virus At Bay
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While we travel amidst the Covid 19 pandemic, we must be extra careful when it comes to our safety. You must take necessary precautions to ensure proper safety from contamination while you are on the trip.

Essential Checklist For A Safe Trip

  • Carry extra masks as you might not have an opportunity to wash your used masks.
  • Use surface sanitisers at all times while outside.
  • Wipe the seats before you sit in the car, motorcycle or anywhere outside.
  • Keep disposable bags handy to store all used masks, napkins and gloves.
  • Avoid littering the used masks on the roads to prevent contamination.
  • Avoid touching things outside at a restaurant or gas station.

4. Keep Your Plans Flexible

Social Distancing and Covid Protocols at the Hotel
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Flexibility is a must-have attitude for a traveller going for a road trip post-Covid. While things are changing around us in full swing, you must be prepared for several tweaks in your premade road trip plan. You must keep low-key expectations keeping in mind the new normal you are travelling in.

Things To Do For A Flexible Trip

  • Carry dry snacks with you as you might not find many stops on the way for a bite.
  • Keep an emergency car kit handy with tools in order to tackel any breakdown on the way.
  • Be open to any changes in your initial itinerary shared by your road trip planner.
  • Carry portable charges and power banks to avoid unnecessary stops.
  • Cooperate with your hotels and follow all covid safety protocols.
  • Expect lower manpower in your hotels and hence a delayed service at times.
  • Be prepared for social distancing and health protocols at different stops throughout your trip.

3. Avoid Unnecessary Risks As Much As Possible

Masks on, Safety On
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The idea of stepping out on a road trip after being confined to your houses is huge enough. In such sensitive times, you must avoid any unnecessary risk that might come your way. It is not only you who needs to stay safe during and after the trip. You are also responsible for others’ safety and hence you must opt for smarter ways to avoid contamination as you enjoy your road trip.

Guide To Avoiding Unnecessary Risks

  • Avoid making multiple stops on the road unless it is for an emergency.
  • Do not forget to use surface sanitisers before using public bathrooms.
  • Use online payment modes wherever possible and avoid cash to avoid physical touch.
  • Do not expose the senior citizens to the virus by mixing with them pre and post-trip.
  • Avoid travelling if you have children at home who might get affected by Covid 19.
  • Maintain social distancing at all places, especially when you spot someone showing Covid symptoms.

2. Plan Your Road Trip In Advance

Plan Your Road Trip in Advance
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You cannot drive away uncertainty with unplanned trips. While everything around us is uncertain, we cannot afford to head out to the roads without a plan that ensures our safety well. To have a smooth road trip after a year-long lockdown and isolation, it is advisable that you plan your trip in advance to avoid hassle and last-minute changes as much as you can.

Essential Information To Keep In Mind

  • Check the pictures of the rooms before you book the hotels.
  • Check the sanitation and hygiene policies followed by your desired hotel to ensure safety.
  • If you are renting a car, book with your road trip planner in advance to avoid the hassle.
  • If you are driving your own car, check with the hotel for parking spots to keep a minimum walking distance from the parking to the hotel.
  • Check the neighbouring areas around your hotel to ensure easy access to logistics if required.

1. Testing and Isolation After The Trip

Testing and Isolation After The Trip
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There is a high chance that you might get exposed to the virus during your trip. Even though you don’t require self-isolation, it is advisable that you consider the same. Instead of waiting for the Covid symptoms to show up, you must consider getting tested and self-isolating yourself for safety.

Precautionary Measures Post-Trip

  • Self isolate yourself for 14 days.
  • Contact your doctor for a Covid Test.
  • Self test yourself using MyLab Coviself Covid 19 Rapid Antigen Self Test Kit.
  • Avoid getting in contact with your friends and family until your quarantine period is over.

It is never too late to start acting responsibly, especially during these Covid times. While we take small steps towards the new normal, it is important that we do not neglect the existence of the virus altogether. Embracing the greenery and highways outside, you must not forget the essentials of travelling in the current times.

We hope this article helps you in understanding the intricacies of travelling post-Covid. Keep reading. Keep exploring!