10 Famous Food in Shimla You Need To Try!

famous food in shimla
Delicacies of Shimla
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When we think of Shimla, our mind starts wandering amidst the lush green mountains and picturesque valleys. Shimla has more to offer than its marvellous natural beauty.

There is a huge list of the famous food in Shimla that you must try if you are in North India. Shimla is known for some of its lip-smacking flavours which give you the taste of its traditional cuisines. Here is a list of the top 10 famous food in Shimla that you need to try!

10. Madra

The Authentic Taste of Chana Madra
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Madra is the first delicacy on the list of the famous food in Shimla. It originates from the Chamba District in Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the best foods in Shimla and is found in every restaurant and Himachali event as a standard delicacy.

  • Ingredients: It is a unique combination of soaked chickpeas or chana, cooked in yoghurt gravy. The added spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, cumin, coriander, peppercorn and cloves bring a delicious taste to this cuisine.
  • Served with: Steamed Rice
  • Where to find: Chamba and Kangra
  • Restaurants: Himachali Rasoi and Cafe Sol, Shimla
  • Price: Approximately Rs 500

9. Sidu

Lipsmacking Sidu
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The local side-dish of Himachal Pradesh, Sidu is found at every nook and corner when we look for famous food in Shimla. Along with the delicious flavours, the dish is also known to be very nutritious. Preparing Sidu is time-consuming, but the taste that it renders makes those long hours of preparation worth it. 

  • Preparation process: The wheat flour is kneaded with yeast and kept for around 5 hours. The dough is then filled with fat and steamed till it is half cooked. It also consists of paneer, boiled green peas and walnuts. 
  • Paired with: Lentils or Daal and Green Chutney
  • Must try at: Kullu
  • Restaurants: Himachali Rasoi, Shimla
  • Price: Approximately Rs 200

8. Dhaam

Exceptional Dhaam Thali
Image by: Holidify

Dhaam is a unique dish which is prepared by special chefs known as ‘botis’. It is a famous food in Shimla which is seen during Himachal festivals and celebrations. 

  • Preparation: Red kidney beans or rajma, rice and moong daal or green lentils are cooked in curd. 
  • Served alongside: Boori ki kadi, jaggery and tamarind sauce, mash daal
  • Served especially at: Manali and Chamba
  • Restaurants: Aashiana Restaurant
  • Price: Approximately Rs 600 to Rs 800

7. Babru

The Himachali Kachori – Babru
Image By Shortpedia Voices

Everyone knows about the popular North Indian snack kachoris. But what if we find that same snack with a twist in Himachal Pradesh? Babru is one of the best foods in Shimla where the same kachoris are served in the Himachali style.

  • Ingredients: The soaked black gram paste is added to a kneaded dough. It is then made into patties and deep-fried.
  • Served with: Tamarind chutney, Chana Madra of Himachal Pradesh
  • Where to find: Shimla
  • Restaurants: Himachali Rasoi, Shimla
  • Price: Approximately Rs 200

6. Thukpa

The Soul of Tibet – Thupka
Image by: Awesome Cuisine

Thukpa is a Tibetian soup, famous all over Himachal Pradesh, which can be prepared in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian methods. It can be served alongside a Tibetian cuisine, while it also works as a famous food in Shimla when served alone. You must try Thukpa if you’re going on an adventurous journey across the Himalayas.

  • Consists of: Vegetables and noodles, including tomatoes, carrots, spring beans, and spring onions. It is also prepared with different sauces such as ginger garlic paste or chilli sauce.
  • Paired with: Momos, LuchiPoti, Tingmo
  • Must try at: Dharmashala and Mcleodganj
  • Restaurants in Himachal: Tibetan Kitchen, Mcleodganj
  • Price: Approximately Rs 500 to Rs 700

5. Chicken Anardana

A unique blend of Chicken Anardana
Image by: Times Food

A lesser-known combination, Chicken Anardana counts as another famous food in Shimla. Chicken Anardana is soaked in spices and oil and comes with a tangy taste. You will discover the tart and tang of this cuisine after a couple of mouthfuls.

  • Preparation Process: The chicken is marinated with yoghurt and dried anardana or pomegranate seeds. It is cooked in ghee along with onions and masalas to add the spicy aroma. It gets its pinkish-red color from the pomegranate.
  • Served Alongside: Paranthas
  • Restaurants: Ashiana & Goofa, Shimla
  • Price: Approximately Rs 300 to Rs 500

4. Chha Gosht

Himachali Mutton Curry – Chha Gosht
Image by: Times Food

One of the best non-vegetarian dishes in Himachal Pradesh is the Chha Gosht. It is a famous food in Shimla and is seen at all traditional events in Himachal Pradesh. For all non-vegetarian lovers, this cuisine is a treat to their tastebuds and hearts.

  • Ingredients: The delicacy is prepared by marinating a lamb in yoghurt and cooking it in gram flour and different Indian spices, namely red chilli, cardamom, bay leaf, ginger-garlic paste, etc.
  • Where to find: Chamba
  • Restaurants in Himachal Pradesh: Old Sher-e-Punjab Dhaba, Dalhousie
  • Price: Approximately Rs 500 to Rs 600

3. Tudkiya Bhat

Himachali Pulao – Tudkiya Bhat
Image by: Homegrown

Another common dish with a Himachali twist can be found when you try Tudkiya Bhat in Shimla. It is a unique pulao with added ingredients which makes it a mouth-watering dish. It is mostly found in the Chamba district.

  • Consists of: The pulao is cooked in Indian spices. Further on, it includes tomatoes, yoghurt, potatoes and onions to give the unique Himachali taste.
  • Paired with: Mash Daal and lime juice
  • Restaurants in Chamba: Zaika Pishori Dhaba, Chamba
  • Price: Approximately Rs 500

2. Aktori

Aktori – The heart of festivities
Image by: Himalayan Diary

Aktori is a blend from when the American cuisine meets the North Indian flavours. It is one of the best foods in Shimla which is prepared during festivals. This delicacy originates from Spiti Valley and is fondly consumed all over Himachal.

  • Preparation Process: It is a pancake prepared using buckwheat leaves, which is further cooked in wheat.
  • Must Try at: Lahaul and Spiti Valley
  • Restaurants in Himachal Pradesh: Spiti Organic Kitchen, Kaza
  • Price: Approximately Rs 200 to Rs 400

1. Mittha

Sweetened Rice – Mittha
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For all the sweet teeth out there, Mittha is the most loved delicacy of Himachal Pradesh. It is mostly seen on occasions, parties and weddings that people cherish this famous food in Shimla.

  • Ingredients: It is made with rice soaked in sweet chashni along with raisins and nuts.
  • Where to find: All over Himachal
  • Restaurants in Shimla: Himachali Rasoi
  • Price: Approximately Rs 100 to Rs 200

Shimla offers an endless list of cuisines that can take you on a gastronomical ride. Each Himachali delicacy holds a special place in the hearts of people in Shimla.

We hope this article helps you make a list of some delicious cuisines you must try on your next Shimla trip. Keep reading. Keep exploring!